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Aidin is an online care transitions marketplace where healthcare organizations securely refer their patients to the top performing continuing care available. Subscribe to Aidin to optimize your patient referrals so that care providers, payors and patients all win.

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Care Providers

Discharge patients to the best available continuing care provider.

For every transition, securely transmit clinical summaries and updates to in and out-of-network care providers, generate compliant Patient Choice lists,  and collect real-time patient feedback and outcomes.

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Universal Provider Access

Access new patient referrals and seamlessly collaborate with partner health systems.

For every transition, securely review all referrals that meet your preferences, receive payor authorization, maintain your reputation through a standardized Aidin brochure, compete for patient choice based on previous outcomes and patient satisfaction scores and notify referral partners as their patients transition out of your care.

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Insurance Companies

Direct patients to in-network, high-quality providers.

For every transition, have secure access to clinical summaries, coordinate authorization of service, engage patients before they choose a provider by displaying patient-specific real-time outcomes data for in and out-of-network providers.

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Patients and Families

Choose the best available care for your family.

For every transition, review the compliant Aidin Patient Choice List with all available authorized providers, see how providers rate with similar patients, and reward high-quality care providers with more patient choice.

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A Healthy Healthcare Marketplace

Secure patient data, universally accessible. Coordinated tasks that meet care providers, payors and patients where they are. Transparency and accountability to enable a healthy healthcare marketplace.

It all adds up in Aidin: secure patient record sharing, coordinated transition logistics with partners, rapid payor authorization, documented high quality patient choice, and engagement of patients post-discharge and beyond.

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